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Use this if the student is under the age of 18.

If you want to request a place in our classes on a membership basis you can do so via our Membership Request Form.

You also have the option of Pay as you go which is £10 per session, or £5 on saturdays 5-7pm in which case you just turn up once you have completed your student registration form.

There is a £17 joining fee (which is payable after your initial trial if you wish to continue), which covers the registration process, a T Shirt.

Once you have registered you will need to purchase a Trial Session ticket via our shop.

Once you have purchased your trial ticket turn up for any beginner class for your trial bringing proof of purchase via a print out or on your phone.

If in doubt please contact us to arrange a suitable session.


Student Details

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Student Medical Information

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Other medical conditions and / or allergies.

** Also if you have answered "YES" to any of the above questions please provide more detail here

Conditions of Use and Rules of the Academy

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Declarations    You must accept all of the following declarations in order to register with us.

The student & Parent / Guardian has read and understood the Conditions of Use and Rules of the Academy, and meets all the requirements. Yes
I confirm that the Student is under 18 years of age. Yes
Does the Student / Parent Guardian agree to abide by the Rules of Paramount Parkour Academy and agree to waiver / disclaimer? Yes
I certify that to the best of my knowledge, that the student does not suffer from a medical condition which might have the effect of making it more likely that I be involved in an accident which could result in injury to myself or others. Yes
I also confirm that the above information is correct and if any information
changes I will notify Paramount Parkour Academy.

*By submitting this form you agree to the Conditions of Use and Rules of the Academy.

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