Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with me?

Its advised to bring your own water to stay hydrated.

Refreshments/snacks can be bought from the vending machines in the centres if desired.

What is to be expected?

A typical two hour class will consist of a warm up and from there, health the emphasis will be on learning techniques that translate directly to the street. Expect lots of vaulting, treat precision work, order rolling, foot placement drills, stealth (importance of silence), balance drills, space awareness games etc. Each session will focus on a maximum of two or three particular movements to drill solidly and near the end of the class before warming down, an obstacle course will be set up enabling everyone to put the techs they’ve learned, into practise. Classes will be tailored to suit everyone from absolute beginner to fully experienced. There will also be a grading system set up so you can see what level you are at with your parkour certificates and bands will be given for each grading

Do I have to do a grading?

Yes, the grading is very important as it allows us to see what level you are working at and train you according to your grade.

Do I need to be fit to take part?

Not at all. Although the classes are geared towards hard training, those who aren’t already in shape will be allowed to scale it down and train at their own pace.

Are there age restrictions in place?

We cater for everyone over the age of 4 years old at our regular Parkour/Free running classes.

Do I need to be experienced to take part?

No. tailored to suit all levels from beginner to advanced.

What kind of environment is it set in?

We teach in to locations one set in a spacious brick room with hard wooden flooring. Wall are very grippy and strong Equipment consists of vault horses, parallel bars, rings, crash mats balance bars spring boards and padded judo type mats. The other is in a soft and springy gymnastics centre.

What do I need to wear?

A t-shirt, comfortable track bottoms and trainers.

You can buy Paramount Parkour Clothing which is great for doing parkour.

Do I need to book up in advance?

You do not need to book in for the open gym sessions, but for our taught sessions you will have to be a member and sign up to a membership scheme of your choice.

What restrictions are in place?

The regular classes are open to anyone regardless of sex, race, social background etc.

The only thing we insist on is that anyone attending, come along with a positive mind, are prepared to train hard and have some fun too.

Where can I leave my valuables?

Whilst there are changing rooms there, we advise that all bags containing valuables are brought into the class with you.

Why do I have to pay a Joining Fee?

This is for the form processing, ungraded T-Shirt and also a grading card.

The grading T Shirt is so that we can identify all student levels quickly and easily. This is part of our class / student safety.

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