Conditions of Use and Rules of the Academy

  1. The Student understands that for his/her safety and the safety of the group that any rules and instructions given by staff are obeyed. You participate at your own risk and assume personal responsibility for your actions. Paramount Parkour Academy does not accept any liability for injuries or loss of life.
  2. The Student agrees to the student/self receiving emergency medical treatment if necessary. I understand that the party leaders will do their best to contact me prior to such treatment
  3. The Student understands that arrangements for the care, troche supervision and discipline will be in accordance with the normal policies and practice at Paramount Parkour Academy. I agree to reinforce the need for the student to follow any of the gym’s codes of behaviour or briefings given.
  4. The student is in good health and I consider him/her fit to participate and agree to inform the staff if there are any changes to the above information.
  5. The Student understands that whilst every reasonable care will be taken, the Centre and its staff cannot be held responsible for damage to or loss of property whilst taking part in this activity.
  6. In the event of equipment being destroyed or broken due to the user tempering or using in an inappropriate manner, the student and/or Guardian will have to cover the costs of the repair or replacement.
  7. The Student agrees to pay any fees in advance in full, and accept that a penalty maybe applied if this is not the case. Failure to pay may also result in entry to classes denied.
  8. The Student certifies that to the best of their knowledge, the student does not suffer from a medical condition which might have the effect of making it more likely that the student will be involved in an accident which could result in injury to themselves or others.
  9. The Student / Parent or Guardian confirms that the above information is correct and if any information changes I will notify Paramount Parkour Academy.
  10. The student / Parent or Guardian is aware that like any athletic activity, Parkour can be a dangerous activity and practising carries with it certain risks. Paramount Parkour encourages its community members to practice safely within their limits and level of experience.
  11. The student / Parent / Guardian is responsible for paying all fees and penalties in advance and in accordance to the payment policies defined by Paramount Parkour Academy.
  12. Any missed sessions are not refundable or transferable.
  13. There is a £20 cancellation fee involved when cancelling memberships.
  14. Our memberships ( including open gym sessions ) include a set number of closed sessions ( approx. 5 per year ). These can include bank holidays, Christmas and special events.
  15. Open gym sessions are restricted when classes are being taught in the gym, so this may lead to reduced access to certain equipment or areas of the gym.

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