Joining & Late Payment Fees

All these fees are to be paid in cash as they are not reoccurring on a monthly basis.

Joining Fee (£17)

This is for all new customers who wish to join as a full member.

The fee only applies after the initial trial.

You will receive your first grading card and also a grey (un-graded) T-Shirt.


Cancellation Fee (£20)

When cancelling your membership we require this is via email (replying to a previous membership email is the easiest option) or via the contact form available on our website. When we receive acknowledgement of this wish to cancel we immediately take a cancellation payment of £20, site and cancel your direct debit and so immediately terminating your membership. This means that you will not be able to attend any more classes under your membership from the date of your cancellation.

Failure to provide a cancellation request and paying the cancellation fee will result in you being black listed from the club and your details passed on to a debt recovery company.


Late Payment Fees (£10)

Late payment fees apply for failed direct debits, sale so please ensure you have enough funds in your account to avoid any penalties.


Re-joining Fee (£17)

This will be applied to existing members who leave / break the membership and then return back to the membership.

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