Holiday/ Summer Camp

Paramount Parkour run holiday camps over the half term and end of term holidays.

This is a 7 week course progressing each week and are run every tuesday 830am until 330pm. there are 2 session. a morning session and afternoon session you have the option of either or both session.

Order of the day
Pure parkour  830am– Learn how to glide through an urban environment through under and over obstacles. Expect to be jumping, vaulting and running up walls. (1 hour)

King swing 930am – This course will teach you to release your inner monkey. Expect to be swinging from bars to bars with flow and flips along the way. (1 hour)

Flip out 1030am – Become awesome with new flips skill to show off. Expect to be learning front, backs and side flips. Drilling flip movements to get them perfected. (1 hour)
Lunch 1130am
We do not provide lunches so student will need to bring pre packed lunches (no cans or fizzy drinks)30mins
End of morning session 12pm

Wall walkers 12pm til 1pm
have you ever seen people running on wall on films and games and thought “i wanna do that”, well now you can. This hour we will teach you how to to run and flip off walls. 1 hour

Supervised gym use 1pm til 230pm
Burn off some excess energy whilst being supervised to play in the paramount parkour gym. Using the gym in there own way students will be able express themselves and let off some steam.1.5hour

Battle zone 230pm til 330pm
Enter the battle arena. This is a battle like no other. The Parkour gym is converted into a multi level battle zone. with different games and challenges that get the adrenaline pumping.1 hour

Book your sessions now

There is a minimum requirement age of 8 for all participants.

If you are not an existing member or have not previously registered with us you will need to do so via our student registration forms, and indicate your required session in the comments section on the registration form.

Unders 18 Registration Form

Over 18s Registration Form


All fees need to be paid in full either on the day or in advance.

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