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You can now upgrade your Membership to include Add ons or changing your current membership. giving you more access to the Paramount Parkour Gym. These are added on to your current Direct Debt and contract. If you wish to remove these Add ons we would require one months notice.

Please note all upgrades and changes are dependent on availability, see once y1 x Supervised open gym – £13 (Wednesday ONLY 6-7pm 7-14years old)

ou have filled in this form please wait for confirmation before attending new sessions.

Membership Packages

Standard packages 7 years+                                                                     Junior packages 4-7years
Bronze – 1 class per week – £30                                                                        Bronze – 1 class per week -£20
Silver – 2 classes per week – £60                                                                      Silver – 2 classes per week – £40
Gold – 3 classes per week – £90                                                                        Gold – 3 classes per week – £60
Obstacle Ninja – £20
Open session – £40
(Monday- Friday 5-10pm Sunday 4-9pm Saturday 5-7pm)

Open session Saturday 5-7pm is £5 pay as you go

Open session pay as you go £10 per day (via card payment)

Additional to the packages above you can select add on which are shown below  



1 x Supervised open gym – £15 (Wednesday ONLY 6-7pm 7-14years old)

1 x Open gym – £15 (Saturday 5-7pm  10 years – Adult)

1 x Open gym – £20 (Saturday 5-10pm OR Sunday 4-9pm 12years – Adult)

2 x Open gym – £30 (Saturday 5-7pm AND Sunday 4-9pm 12years-Adult)

1 x Open gym – £18 (Monday – Friday 5-10pm 14years-Adult)

Student Details

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You agree to provide 1 months (written) notice when cancelling or modifying your monthly membership. Yes
All fees will be cleared / received before the 1st of each month. Yes
You understand that once you cancel or fail to make payment you may loose your place in the class. Yes
You have read, understood and agree to our terms and conditions. Yes
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