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Booking your one to one
If you would like to book a one 2 one session or small group session with one of our coaches. First off take a look at the coaches profiles below for each coaches costs and see their personal calender for their availibility. (For fitness, sports massage and Pilates you would need to select Ruel DaCosta). Once you have checked this you can now fill in the booking form selecting your coach and request your sessions. (please note you will need confirmation for your request before anything is comfirmed) Once the trainer has received your request and comfirmed it they will direct you to the shop to purchase a pt session. click here for booking form.



Ruel DaCosta Director and founder of Paramount Parkour
D.O.B 19/4/85
Qualifications and Experience
Free runner since 2002
Parkour coach since 2006
Level 3 Personal Trainer, Pilates instructor,
Nutritionist and sports massage therapist since 2006
ITV ninja warrior finalist.
Cost per session £40
Check Ruel’s availiblity

Josh De La Ford head coach
Qualifications and Experience
judo from 4 years old
Free runner since 2008
Parkour coach since 2012
Training to be a stuntman
Cost per session £35

Currently unavailable

Jesse Munford coach
Qualifications and Experience
Free runner since 2010
Parkour coach since 2015
Cost per session £30

Currently unavailable

Stevie Forster coach
D.O.B 20/12/96
Qualifications and Experience
Free runner since 2012
Parkour coach since 2016
Cost per session £30


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